Dear Friends of Next Generation Focus, 

     Without you, Next Generation Focus could not have existed, let alone grown to be 10 years old next month!  Your support has helped grow a tiny community tutoring program into an organization that has served over 2,500 students and their families across two counties!  Truly God has been in this.  Countless times God has supplied resources and people during NGF’s most needy times.  Thank you for all your faith and prayers!

     Each and everyone of you have made enormous impact on children like Juanita.  

     Juanita was struggling so much in school that she could not look anybody in the eye when she first came to our program.  We paired Juanita up with Ashley, one of our dedicated high school student mentors.  Together, Ashley and Juanita worked really hard on reading as well as mathematics.  At the end of the school year, Juanita has not only passed all her proficiency tests, but also blossomed into an avid reader, especially of Amelia Bedelia books, which, by happy coincidence, happened to be Ashley's favorite when she was at Juanita's age!

     In this holiday season, you can help more kids like Juanita by: 

Thank you again for your faith and support!
Amy Sol, Founder and Executive Director
Next Generation Focus, Inc.