About Us

Next Generation Focus (NGF) is a public charity that is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Our focus is in providing deserving children the opportunity to participate in educational programs and other life-enrichment activities in which they may not otherwise be able to participate due to financial restraints. NGF is the brainchild of Amy Sol, a resident of Forsyth County, GA.  Amy has a heart for children and loves helping uplift the future generation.

Our enrichment and educational programs include an early literacy program to help children who are struggling with reading and a program to help students with college application essays. NGF also provides financial assistance to students to participate in enrichment programs offered by school clubs such as sports, music and art. NGF partners with schools to identify eligible children. The students are nominated by social workers, counselors, and teachers.   You can find more information about our programs at Focus Programs.

NGF encourages all sponsored children and their families to participate in volunteer activities.  Though volunteering is not required, it expands on the NGF principle of participating in activities that enrich character.  It’s a great way to benefit the community with your time and talent.
All management and staff at NGF are passionate about helping children.  If you would like to donate time or money, you can find more information at Contact Us