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Carlo's Story

Even comparing to the home situation of most kids in the Next Generation Focus program, Carlo* had had it bad.

His parents were already divorced and locked in a bitter custody battle.  For years Carlo and his father moved around so much that his father home-schooled him.   Then things got worse; they were evicted and ended up living in a car.

The court system eventually intervened and referred Carlo to NGF.  At that point Carlo was in fourth grade reading at first grade level.  NGF became an anchor point for him; he did all his homework with NGF volunteers.  It took the NGF staff and Carlo a whole year of hard work to catch up to grade level. 

Carlo’s mother eventually gained custody of Carlo and they have started a new life in a different state.  Amy still checks on Carlo periodically.  Recently she learned from Carlo’s mother that Carlo, now at 7th grade, just got placed into advanced math, the same subject that used to be the biggest hurdle for him!

*Name of child has been changed to protect his/her identity.