1. Contact NGF for an initial meeting between the parents or legal guardian, the child, and an NGF staff member.
  2. Fill out an NGF Application Form.
  3. Have a teacher, coach, principal, or counselor complete an NFG Recommendation Form and print out on their school letterhead.
  4. Print out and sign the NGF Application Form and NGF Recommendation Form and mail to the NGF address.
  5. We will inform you of our decision within a month of receipt of the application.  We need this time to verify the information, interview the child's recommender, and speak with the activity director.


NGF has waivers that must be completed by volunteers, organizations providing the activities, and parents or legal guardians.  Which waivers you need to complete depends on the scenario.

Sponsored child participating in activities

  1. Organization providing the activities must complete the waiver for company providers.
  2. Parents or legal guardians must complete the general waiver.  This needs to be done only once per sponsored child.
  3. Prior to participation in each activity, the parents or legal guardian must complete a parental consent and waiver.  So if your child participates in two activities, you will need to complete two parental consent and waiver forms.


  1. Volunteers must complete the waiver for volunteers.