NGF works with local K-12 schools to identify children who may be eligible for sponsorship.  Teachers, coaches, counselors, and principals can submit a child for consideration.  Our board of directors will evaluate each applicant and make a decision based on need, recommendations, attributes of the child, and available funds (we would love to sponsor every child, but unfortunately we have limited financial resources).
If you are a child who wants to be sponsored, or know of a child who should be sponsored, please contact us and provide the child's name, contact information, and school information (including teachers, coaches, or other school staff who can vouch for the child).  You can also ask the school staff to contact us directly.


NGF has a defined application process.  The application process involves the child, the parents or legal guardians, and relevant school staff.  It is an involved process that is designed to ensure that we sponsor children who will contribute to the future of our community.  Refer to our application checklist to guide you on your way.


Once a child is sponsored, we will monitor the progress of the child through frequent communication with the school staff, activity director, parents, and child.  We want to make sure that the child's participation in the sponsored activities does not negatively affect his/her school performance, home and social life, or self-esteem and character.  The activities should enrich the child and have a positive effect on the child's life.

Focus Friends

If you have a heart for children and would like to contribute time or resources, please contact us.
We are always looking for businesses to donate services for our children.  Music, art, dance, tutoring, academic clubs, and sports instruction are all great ways for your business to give back to the community and make a real impact on the lives of our children.