SmarterMe® Programs

The SmarterMe® program started in September 2009 to enable at risk students to improve their reading and math skills through two-hour small group setting sessions on Saturdays.  The main goals of the SmarterMe® program are to improve basic reading, math and comprehension skills, reach grade level in reading and math, motivate children to incorporate reading and math into their daily lives, and enhance their educational performance in school. We believe literacy affects many areas of development, from success in academics to personal self-esteem. 

SmarterMe® is the main program at NGF.  We provide low-cost, high-quality tutoring to children in grades K - 8.  Our SmarterMe® Programs are as follows:
  • SmarterMe® Saturday - Free high-quality tutoring program for students in grades K-8 who are performing below grade level in Math, Reading, and Writing. It is the anchor focus at NGF.
  • SmarterMe® Academydesigned to offer students extended hours of instruction with an experienced, dedicated teaching staff, a low student-teacher ratio, and teen mentoring. We hold classes Mon - Thurs, from 4 - 6PM.
  • SmarterMe® Enrichment -This program was introduced to promote music and art education.  Studies have shown that studying music and art helps children perform better in math, plus it’s just plain fun!  Music program offered to students enrolled in SmarterMe® in grades 1 - 5.
  • SmarterMe® Club - On-site tutoring or homework assistance at local elementary schools and community organizations.  Please contact us if your organization would like to participate.
  • SmarterMe® Summer Camp - Students participate in a week-long day camp where they engage in STEM based activities., arts and crafts, history and also character career development in a fun and interactive environment.
  • SmarterMe® Summer Learning - We provide summer tutoring and learning opportunities for continued remediation assistance and to prevent educational loss during the summer. 

Our small group instructional setting allows the tutors to give each student the individual attention he or she deserves.  This practice of one-on-one tutoring allows relationships between the child and tutor to form, letting the child know their tutor values them as an individual.  Fred Rogers, better loved by the world as Mr. Rogers, was quoted in 2001 saying,

Do you remember your favorite teachers?  They were probably the ones who wanted to learn your name; who had a warm smile; who made you feel that they were glad to be there to help you learn.  No matter how old or young we are, we learn best from people who care about us.  That relationship grows when teachers are friendly, respectful, and interested in us as unique human beings.”

At Next Generation Focus, we firmly believe in this mantra.

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