Testimonial from Parents & Teachers

Jennifer, parent, 2015 -
 "My son gained confidence and so much knowledge under your tutors in just one month! We will certainly be back without a doubt. He's a tough one, so it says a lot about you and your staff that you were able to help him so immensely!  Thanks again."

kloupe311, 2012-
"I have a ten year old (girl) attending this program and it has been phenomenal. When she came to live with me and originally started the program, she was two years behind, in 2nd grade, but performing on a Kindergarten 1 month level. She was unable to recognize her sight words. She was terrified of reading and would cry. The team at SmarterMe jumped right in, made her feel comfortable and had her take an assessment. Once they understood her level they determined which area would best serve her and she was given an action plan. She is responsible for reading each day and writing a summary to show that she understand what she has read, which also helps her writing skills. This is her second year in the program and she is now reading above level! What an awesome transformation. In addition to the fundamentals, SmarterMe rewards the students wtih activities, music, fun events and more. The cost for this program is very minimal and well worth it!! I donate when I can because they keep the cost so low to reach everyone. I will be sad is too old to attend as the help from SmarterMe has been invaluable to our family! The team is very approachable and the program is very safe - I asked all of the pertinent questions, which were promptly welcomed and answered by the staff."

ls1966, 2013-
"I work with abused and neglected children in the local juvenile court. The children we serve often struggle with their school work. Next Generation Focus gives us an affordable resource to assist in this area. The children's progress is measured throughout. This means we are not just putting a service into place because it is needed. We can also expect success. The children adore the amazing young tutors who work with them. They want to succeed for them. Often the expectation of success in school is not a priority in their homes. It takes a very special organization to give them the wish to succeed as well as the means to do so. I have personally visited on Saturday mornings and watched the children coming in excited to spend their Saturday morning with their favorite tutors. I fully endorse this organization and hope to see it grow and expand in our community."

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Andrea Moore, 
school counselor, 2014 - 
"SmarterMe has been such a blessing to our Whitlow Elementary children and staff. SmarterMe has helped so many of our students get the extra support they need. The SmarterMe staff is fabulous to work with and they truly care about each and every child they serve. Our teachers also love working with the SmarterMe program.  We are so lucky to work with such a wonderful and caring organization!  Thanks SmarterMe!"

Summersun1203, 2015-
"I have been involved with Next Generation Focus for some time now and am always in awe of the programs they offer. NGF is unique because the tutors and teachers are trained to bring out the best in the children both academically and relationally. Amy Sol does an amazing job leading her team and is a blessing to the community. The tutors and the curriculum are top notch! I am honored to be apart of this program."

Ora White, 2015-
"My son was having struggles with work, and the people at Next Generation Focus helped him. They are so sweet, caring, encouraging and I couldn't have asked for a better place. My son lives in Fla. With me now and they keep in touch. They check in to see if we need help with anything and just chat with him to say hi. If you are looking for help on tutoring this is the place to be. Thank you all again. :-) "

Doreen, parent, 2012
"My daughter always had problems reading on her grade level. She has always been reading a couple grades lower than her grade and hated reading. I've had private tutors and read every night with her. Since she has been taking the SmarterMe class she loves reading and for the first time on her report card received great grades in reading. The staff at SmarterMe really care for the students and is a very positive part of my daughters Saturday mornings."

trudyhermann, 2012-
"NGF is an exceptional program for children who do not like to read or have difficulty in reading. The staff takes the time to help them in a fun and exciting way. The children enjoy coming to the sessions and are eager to read because it is a great time. There are times when they do not want to leave. I think this is a wonderful program and is helping so many children and they will remember this time through out their life."