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Tutoring at Whitlow FAQs

What sessions may my child take?
We offer two Sessions.  Session I is from Sept - Nov, Session II is from Jan - March.  You may register your child for one or both Sessions.
What subjects will be offered?
During Session I, we offer Reading and Math, and during Session II we offer Reading, Math, and, for grades 4 and 5 only, Writing.
What are the payment options?
Payment is due on the first Tuesday of each month.  The only exception to this is at registration, when the first month's payment is due at the time of registration.
Will the tutoring classes interfere with my child's school time?
The tutoring classes are held after school hours, so your child's school time will not be impacted.
What will the curriculum be for the tutoring classes?
Each teacher will develop his/her own curriculum, based on Georgia standards and the weekly teaching plan for the academic year.  The goal is to reinforce concepts that your child has been taught during his/her normal class time.
What is the tutoring class size?
The maximum class size will be 8 students per teacher.  There may be fewer, depending on the number of students who register.
Is tutoring only for children who are behind?
Tutoring lessons are tailored to your child's academic level, whether your child needs help to catch up or is advanced and needs enrichment.